Sunday, October 19, 2008

Towering Malaysian-Datuk Chan Chew Lun

With all the political bullshit going on in this country...the mudslinging..poison pen letters... MCA holding its party election...UMNO with its nominations...the political shenanigans are in full-force in Malaysia,tanah tumpah know the funny thing is that the MCA acknowledging the fact that they must change...however why is Chua Soi Lek is on the ballot for deputy president? judging from his libido and mojo he will win hands down!

Umno or its real name UMNO BARU is experiencing the same paradox..they want to change and yet muhammad muhammad taib is offering himself for the VP post ...emmm..interesting... Don't let me get started on MIC..It's seem that they suddenly cease to exist...With significant numbers of Indians joining PAS via Kelab Penyokong Pas..MIC is dying or already dead...and Samy Vellu..well just put it this way...Samy is being Samy...

In my opinion...there are 3 major problems with this country...UMNO,MCA and put them together you get RACIAL POLITICS...the root of all that's wrong with this country...well let me it clear to all you BN ultras...MALAYSIAN ARE SICK AND TIRED OF RACIAL POLITICS...IF THE 2008 ELECTION WERE FREE AND FAIR RACIAL POLITICS WILL BE ALREADY DEAD AND BURIED...comprende?crystal?

With all these politician sulliying Malaysian Malaysian stood above the rest..and made Malaysia proud that man is Datuk Chan Chew see Datuk Chan is a naturalist based in KK... and the worlds longest insect is named after him "Phobaticus Chani" or Chan's Megastick...

"Chan said he had been collecting all types of stick insects since 1981 and had even written a number of articles about the creatures.He would go out to meet villagers and ask them to obtain specimens of the insect for him.

“One day in 1989, I met a farmer who handed over this huge stick insect he found somewhere at Ulu Moyog in Penampang district and I realised that it could be a totally new species,” he said.

He eventually sent the specimen to Bragg late last year. It resembled a pencil-thin dark green bamboo shoot measuring nearly 56cm if its twig-like legs were counted. Its body length was 35cm, beating the previous record held by Phobaeticus kirbyi."

-picture and excerpt from the star 18/10/2008

Datuk Chan received global recognition not by poison-pen letters or mudslinging but via hardwork,dedication and doing something that he loves...DATUK CHAN CHEW LUN, I salute you!!

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