Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Berita Tengahari: Mansuhkan sayap-sayap UMNO untuk menghapuskan politik wang

Pengerusi Lembaga Disiplin Umno, Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail mengutarakan cadangan untuk memansuhkan sayap-sayap Parti UMNO seperti Wanita, Pemuda, Putera dan Puteri untuk membenteras politik wang...

Aiseh Tan Sri...alang-alang mansuhkan UMNO terus...satu Malaya tahu politik wang adalah UMNO dan UMNO adalah politik wang...nak mansuhkan politik wang kenalah mansuhkan UMNO... Tu bapak segala politik wang Majlis Tertinggi UMNO tu tak nak mansuhkan ke??? Mansuhkan jelah...selamat duit rakyat...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Butterfingers: Sesi Istana Budaya/ Istana Budaya Sessions Day 2

Transcendence 10-year Anniversary Rock Out

The BEST BUTTER SHOW EVER!!!!!what can I say, those of you who missed it just missed a significant performance in Malaysian music history!!!Everything was top-notch!!the performance, the sound,the showmanship and even the crew(although there's some minor glithes but to hell with that!!!)...I don't know any adjective in the English language that could describe the sheer brilliance of this session. I think only watching the DVD of this session (All 4 sessions will be released on dvd!!!) will do justice!!! I'll never expected malayneum, epitome, mating season and girl friday and other 10 songs will be this RHAPSODIC!!!

-picture courtesy of Kieng Meng from Anarchy in Me

Mari Hidup Kembali (Sesi Gitar Karan)
Those who don't appreciate Butterfingers' Malay songs really should have come to this show.After this session I started to see Selamat Tinggal Dunia and Kembali in a new light... Hell, I'm even appreciating both albums even more!!!People who prefer to listen to Indo Pop/Rock and have no qualms parting with their hard-earned Ringgit should witness the performance of the best we could offer!!!The musical arrangement,sound and showmanship really is above Dewa dare I say (Bloody hell!!! I'm biased on this one and DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!)

Two-day Round Up

Honest to god I have a REALLY ROCKING TIME!!! Hell!!I'm gonna tell my grandchildren that I was there when Butteringers perform at Istana Budaya!!!Definitely one of the highlights of my existence on God's green earth...Eventhough without the moshing and bodysurfing this is one hell of a show!!!MOGWAI EAT YER HEART OUT!!! For those who missed it and those who didn't (honestly I think evryone who loves music) buy the DVD when it comes out... Hell I even gonna buy the Live album if they ever released one!!! Bloody hell I'm gonna grab the DVD and the Live CD!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Butterfingers: Sesi Istana Budaya/ Istana Budaya Sessions Day 1

1st Session: 1996-2001 Unplugged

Let's start with the opening act,Bunkface...although I'm not a connoisseur of pop-punk etc the boys from Klang gave a good and entertaining performance ...eventhough they've been asked to perform an acoustic set, they take it in their stride...adding violins when performing situasi was a nice touch lads!!

The first thing that crossed the minds of every Butter-ultra is how on earth will they perform an acoustic set of 1.2 miligrams, butter worth pushful, transcendence and malayneum? well the same thing were asked by Nirvana and Metallica fans when they performed Unplugged in New York and S&M...the best thing is Butterfingers gave a performance that I think will make Nirvana and Metallica proud!!!(I'm maybe a wee bit biased on this one...haha)

When I saw the strings sextet I know it will be a hell of a show...the sound was bloody good!!!If I closed my eyes I'll swear to god that the band was performing a full electric set!!!That's how good the sound was!!!The lighting was like rays of lights descending from the heavens above...I never knew that Butterfingers songs from 1996-2001 sounds so good acoustically...maybe this show how musically astute they are...

The best thing about this session was that the band played all my favourite songs like girl friday,epitome,malayneum and pacific...this was the 1st time I saw the band performed them live as most of these songs were rarely performed by the band!!!

-photos courtesy of Saifoel Hafsham from Aku Blogger....Flickr si Jurugambar Penembak Curi

2nd Session: Mari Hidup Kembali Unplugged Session
For the 2nd session the opening act was Hujan...what can I say?...emm...not a fan, however Hujan gave a good performance...One word to describe the 2nd session, SANTAI or laid back/relaxed in English...

For this session the band performed their Malay songs which I can say were made to be performed acoustically...The addition of the strings sextet section showed how good the band's Malay songs are...this session was tighter than the 1st session...

The band was relaxed...their banter with the crowd were pretty lively...loko and even the usually reserved kadak gave a shuffle demonstration...This was a pretty good session...on par with the 1st...however I was a bit disappointed that Pak Kassim Masdor wasn't there to perform Merdeka with the band...When I asked Emmet about this he said that Pak Kassim need a permit to perform here because he is a Singaporean...damn bureaucratic bastards!!! and they wonder why the youth voted against the ruling party...emmm....on that note I just can't wait for tomorrow!!!

-tiada lagi gambar2 dari si Jurugambar Penembak curi sebab sudah kantoi dgn pihak istana budaya... haha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BUTTERFINGERS: Sesi Istana Budaya / Istana Budaya Sessions

Lagi sejam sebelum persembahan dimulakan.... D-day is here!!! One hour before the performance...

sebelum tu enjoy dulu "artwork"(konon-konon)...hahaha

Monday, January 12, 2009

Self-interest vs Selfishness : Adam Smith's Capitalism

Capitalism is the cause of the current financial crisis!!! During the current financial debacle, capitalism is being blame as the main culprit.. Although I'm a leftist and would welcome and applaud any attack on capitalism, however the truth is capitalism is not at fault. The ones at fault here are the Capitalists. There is a major difference between capitalism and capitalists.

Obviously capitalism is a system and capitalists are the "followers" of capitalism. For example, Pol Pot is a communist. However does communism allow the genocide that Pol Pot ordered in Cambodia? Does communism allow the murders and killings that were done by Stalin (this guy kill more people than Hitler!!)???

It was the capitalists who allowed the rampant consumerism that causes the credit crunch and sub-prime crisis. Why did they allow this? Simply because they are greedy and selfish. In their opinion, it's alright to make a few quids at the expense of others. In their view this is what capitalism is all about...Well,they are wrong...BLOODY WRONG!!

Adam Smith is one of my heroes and to honour his legacy I'm going to set the record straight. Everyone knows that Adam Smith is the father of modern economics and the founder of capitalism. However how many of you know that he was a moral philosopher and taught morality and ethics. This fact is often conveniently left-out by the capitalists.

Long before Adam Smith wrote the monumental “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, he wrote a book on morality titled “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”. We can only understand Adam Smith’s idea of the pursuit of self-interest if we read “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”. However, Adam Smith’s view on self-interest is heavily distorted and today is viewed as selfishness. This is far from the truth.

Adam Smith based his view of self-interest on his idea of the social looking glass. Adam Smith states the idea of the social looking glass, as man by nature is a social animal. He has to live in a group or society. For that he must have the feeling that people around him like, admire and have a good opinion about him. The idea of the social looking glass will keep the pursuit of self interest in control.

In Smith’s earlier “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”, selfishness is transformed. Man is able to put their selves in the position of a third person, an enlightened impartial observer, and in this way man will have empathy for someone in trouble, thus controlling their pursuit of self-interest.

In Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, the individual pursuit of self-interest in a two-way exchange economy guarantees social harmony. In his economic behavior, an individual neither intends to promote the public interest nor does he know that he is promoting it. He intends only to provide for his own security. Adam Smith famously wrote, It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. Such self interest and economic self reliance were perfectly natural, grounded in the desire of bettering our condition, which comes with us from the womb and never leaves us till we go into the grave.”

In other words, we always put our self-interest as our main priority. However, it is in our self-interest not to "harm" others as in doing so we will have a good image. If the capitalists really embrace the idea of "pursuit of self-interest", there will be no credit crunch,sub prime crisis, speculation and NO FINANCIAL CRISIS dare I say. The fact is, recessions are cyclical however financial crises are man-made.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Selangor Menang Lagi!!!

Salam Kebangkitan 2009

persembahan Selangor masa 1st half adalah antara persembahan terbaik dari selangor yang pernah aku saksikan...defend yang dikemudikan oleh acong memang mantap...overlapping dari guna memang ngan waktong rajin naik turun...gandingan pi'ee dan arsun sudah mula serasi...pi'ee semlm dah kurang tamak... bila dia tau dia kena kepit ngan 2 defend lawan...dia tolak kat arsun...tu yang dapat gol pertama n kedua tu...

2nd half selangor mula perlahankan rentak...mula ar keluar aksi menghiburkan... acong ngan double-dummy dia (aku rasa kalau aku cuba buat konfem meletup tempurung lutut aku) yang menyebabkan aku sangsi yang umur acong ni dah 35... amri takah nak cakap ar...banyak sgt aksi dia yang sukar aku nak gambarkan... paling tak tahan siap bagi bola lima hengget kat sorang player negri...punyalah menghiburkan sampai penalti pon boleh miss...haha...satgi tak pasal2 rita rudaini nak clear bola pastu terkena amri (aku pon tak tau kepala ke badan ke kaki...) terus masuk gol...

keseluruhannya rasa2 nya sume peminat Selangor yang turun ke SSA semalam puas hati dgn persembahan Selangor...walaupun ade beberapa aspek permainan yng perlu ditingkatkan...semalam selangor main lebih kepada corak serangan balas... kelemahan dapat dilihat masa 2nd half bila Selangor cuba perlahankan rentak dan kawal permainan...tapi bila bermain begitu midfield asik kehilangan bola... movement sewaktu bola dikawal Selangor amat kurang...aku cadangkan selain dari main counter-attack selangor boleh gak main secara pass & move dan two-touch football...

Peminat yang turun ke SSA (termasuk orang Negri) pon ada dalam 20-25 ribu... nampaknya sambutan kepada kempen gegarkan SSA menggalakkan juga lah... Apa yang penting ialah persembahan pasukan yang bermain bersungguh-sungguh bukan menang atau kalah...kalau main bersungguh-sungguh pasti peminat akan ke masa pertengahan tahun 90an dulu...SSA selalu full-house 80 RIBU... Selangor bukan menang liga pon dari '94-'97...tapi sebab permainan yang berkualiti dan kesungguhan player tula yang memikat hati peminat untuk menyaksikan game liga-m selangor...

Senang kata aku amat berpuas hati dgn persembahan pemain Selangor semlm... walaupun dari aspek permainan banyak yang boleh diperbaiki, tapi kesungguhan pemain tu boleh dirasai...terlepas bola kejar balik....member terlepas ade je yang cover balik...tu yang kita nak tu...walaupun tak dijanjikan imbuhan ke bonus tapi pemain bermain secara mati-matian...persembahan camnilah yang membuat aku rasa tiket rm10+duit tol+duit minyak tu ciput je...amat berbaloi ar!!! Akhir kata tahniah Selangor mari kita gegarkan SSA masa lawan Perlis nanti...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Setelah mencatakan 2 kemenangan berturut-turut...ramai mengatakan yang perlawanan Selangor menentang Negri Sembilan malam bakal dihadiri oleh ribuan peminat Selangor dan Negri Sembilan. Jika kita baca di forum peminat Selangor seakan-akan sudah bernafsu semula untuk ke SSA...sejauh mana kebenarannya belum diketahui lagi...Aku takut malam ni penyokong Negri lagi banyak dari penyokong Selangor je kat SSA...Kalau kita lihat Stadium Paroi tu pun selalu penuh bila ada "big game"... Jadi tak hairanlah kalau ramai penyokong Negri turun SSA malam...Selangor ngan Negri pon sebelah je...Pertanyaan skang ni ialah adakah aksi Selangor yang dilihat agak memberangsangkan ketika ini dapat memikat kembali peminatnya untuk kembali ke SSA???Inshaallah aku akan turun ke SSA malam ni untuk melihat btol ke tak apa yang digembar-gemburkan oleh peminat Selangor... paling kurang aku sudah menyahut cabaran KEMPEN GEGARKAN SSA!!..."die-hard" Selangor yang lain camne???

Friday, January 9, 2009

Festival Jualan Buku DBP 2008

Dari 12/12/2008-11/1/2009 DBP akan mengadakan Festival Jualan Buku 2008 di seluruh negara...Aku memang dah lama nak pergi tapi tadi baru berkesempatan...harga memang runtuh abes!!! Tadi aku beli buku A. Samad Ismail Ingin Jadi Pujangga...Harga sebenar buku ni RM60... Selepas diskaun buku ini hanyalah berharga RM15!!!DISKAUN RM45 tu!!!Kamus Dewan edisi terkini pun hanya RM45!!!Masa nilah nak cari buku-buku lama terbitan DBP...lagi lama buku tu...lagi lumayan ar diskaun yang korang akan dapat...Buku-buku baru dan buku teks juga dijual dgn harga yang menarik!!! Festival bermula jam 9.30 pagi hingga 6.30 petang...Ahad ini merupakan hari terakhir!!! Jangan lepaskan pulang ini!!! Singgahlah mana-mana kedai DBP atau Kompleks Dawama yang berdekatan!!!RUGI KALAU TAK SINGGAH!!!...selamat membeli buku...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merah Kuning: Kebangkitan 2009??

Tahun baru 1430 dan 2009 ni bermula dgn sungguh gembira buatku... Merah Kuning chenta sepanjang hayatku telah membelasah Kedah 1-4 di Alor Setar... setelah kecewa kalah 4 game berturut2 ngan kedah musim lepas (3 game aku tgk kat stadium!!) akhirnya terubat sket ar luka yang hampir2 menjadi kanser di hati nih...dengan membelasah kedah 1-4 adakah ini bermaksud Selangor akan menyapu bersih ketiga-tiga piala musim ni???Adakah 2009 tahun kebangkitan buat Gergasi Merah???persoalan ni sume blom bole dijawab sebab baru satu game brader...jangan ar syok sendiri....tapi pape hal pon kedah tetap kena belasah 1-4 kat darul aman...walaupun aku seorang die-hard selangor, aku terpaksa akui persembahan kedua-dua pasukan semalam tidak membanggakan...tahan bola pon kadang-kadang kantoi...kedah dan selangor macam takde "game"...baru pasing 3-4 kali dah abes...mungkin btol kata liga syok sendiri...

Mesti mereka yang masih lagi sayang kepada liga kita tertanya-nya bagaimana Selangor boleh mengatasi Kedah di darul aman??apakah faktor-faktor yang menyumbang kepada kekalahan Kedah? Pertama sekali sebagai peminat bola yang objektif aku terpaksa akui yang Selangor tidaklah bermain dengan cemerlang sekali...cuma kedah yang beraksi dengan teruk...tambahan pula kesilapan penjaga gol yang memberi gol kedua kepada selangor menyukarkan lagi pasukan kedah untuk menyamakan kedudukan...Selangor mungkin agak bagus dari segi disiplin taktikal nya dan tidak mensia-siakan peluang...itu sahaja...

Hakikatnya ketiadaan import memang melemahkan kedah...nelson.hugging dan marlon adalah tulang belakang pasukan kedah yang rata-ratanya dibarisi pemain muda...ini kesilapan pengurusan kedah juga...selepas mengetahui bahawa liga M 2009 akan dibarisi 100% pemain tempatan,sepatutnya pengurusan kedah cuba untuk mengikat 2-3 pemain kebangsaan yang berpengalaman...itu yang dilakukan oleh pengurusan selangor untuk mengisi kekosongan yang ditinggalkan oleh pemain import mereka...paling tidak kedah seharusnya mengikat seorang penyerang berstatus "bintang" kerana sepanjang 2 musim bersama dengan kedah, marlon alex james telah menjaringkan lebih kurang 90 biji gol untuk hijau kuning...ketiadaannya memang terasa dan sewaktu menetang selangor penyudah kedah amat tumpul...

adalah bagus untuk mana-mana pasukan memberi kepercayaan kepada pemain muda... tetapi pasukan yang mantap adalah hasil daripada gabungan pengalaman "orang lama" dan kesungguhan pemain muda...bagi saya selepas 2 musim berturut membuat treble kedah perlu mengambil masa untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan ketiadaan pemain import mereka... walaupun saya seorang "die-hard" selangor, tetapi saya terpaksa akui bahawa victor andrag,hugging,nelson dan marlon adalah pemain terbaik untuk posisi mereka sepanjang 2 musim ini...nelson merupakan arkitek untuk treble treble kedah...segala gerak bermula dari dia... penyudah marlon memang tajam... 2 orang pemain memang tak mampu mengekang dia... bagi saya formasi kedah lebih kepada 4-3-3...marlon adalah lone striker yang diapit oleh 2 orang forward...formasi ini memang membawa kejayaan yang gilang gemilang kepada kedah... tetapi semalam kedah bermain dengan formasi 4-4-2...mungkin perubahan ini yang melemahkan kedah...

berbalik kepada pasukan selangor...menamakan amri sebagai kapten adalah satu alangkah yang amat bijak dari pasukan selangor...hasil nya dapat dilihat apabila amri beraksi dangan amat matang dan kurang "gentel"...sikap panas baran amri pun macam sudah dapat dikawal... persembahan pertahanan selangor yang dikemudi oleh khairul anuar baharom @ acong memang mantap...pasukan selangor ini amat berlainan dengan pasukan kedah...setiap bahagian diketuai oleh seorang pemain berpengalaman...ini tidak bermaksud selangor tiada pemain muda produk sendiri...amirulhadi,nasriq baharom dan razman roslan membuktikan bahawa anak selangor mampu menyahut cabaran...ketiga-tiga pemain ini mula menempa nama sewaktu musim 2007 dimana selangor bermain tanpa pemain import...amri,d.surendran dan p.gunalan merupakan tiga pemain yang menyarung jersi merah kuning di usia yang agak muda...kini menjadi "orang lama" dipasukan selangor...ketiga-tiga pemain ini secara puratanya telah bemain untuk selangor selama 8 musim...ditambah lagi dengan kehadiran acong,hamsani,hardi dan nantha adunan ini cukup mantap...selangor juga tidak mempunyai masalah menjaringkan gol kerana mempunyai safee sali sebagai penyerang...safee yang merupakan penyerang kebangsaan adalah penjaring gol terbanyak dikalangan pemain tempatan musim lepas...

apabila f.a.m mengumumkan bahawa tiada aksi pemain import di musim 2009...kelebihan memang terletak kpd selangor...ini kerana musim lepas pemain import selangor kurang cemerlang...musim 2007 pula selangor bermain tanpa pemain import...jadi boleh dikata selangor boleh dan mampu beraksi tanpa kehadiran pemain import...walaupun pada musim 2007 selangor hanya mampu menghuni tangga ke-8 liga siapa sangka ada hikmah disebalik itu... hasilnya musim 2007 telah mematangkan pemain-pemain anak selangor seperti amri,d.suren dan guna serta menggilap bakat-bakat muda seperti amirulhadi,nasriq dan razman... moga-moga pasukan selangor dapat meneruskan kecemerlangan, mengekalkan prestasi dan berjaya memikat kembali peminat ke stadium shah alam sekaligus membuktikan 2009 adalah tahun KEBANGKITAN!!!