Sunday, January 18, 2009

Butterfingers: Sesi Istana Budaya/ Istana Budaya Sessions Day 1

1st Session: 1996-2001 Unplugged

Let's start with the opening act,Bunkface...although I'm not a connoisseur of pop-punk etc the boys from Klang gave a good and entertaining performance ...eventhough they've been asked to perform an acoustic set, they take it in their stride...adding violins when performing situasi was a nice touch lads!!

The first thing that crossed the minds of every Butter-ultra is how on earth will they perform an acoustic set of 1.2 miligrams, butter worth pushful, transcendence and malayneum? well the same thing were asked by Nirvana and Metallica fans when they performed Unplugged in New York and S&M...the best thing is Butterfingers gave a performance that I think will make Nirvana and Metallica proud!!!(I'm maybe a wee bit biased on this one...haha)

When I saw the strings sextet I know it will be a hell of a show...the sound was bloody good!!!If I closed my eyes I'll swear to god that the band was performing a full electric set!!!That's how good the sound was!!!The lighting was like rays of lights descending from the heavens above...I never knew that Butterfingers songs from 1996-2001 sounds so good acoustically...maybe this show how musically astute they are...

The best thing about this session was that the band played all my favourite songs like girl friday,epitome,malayneum and pacific...this was the 1st time I saw the band performed them live as most of these songs were rarely performed by the band!!!

-photos courtesy of Saifoel Hafsham from Aku Blogger....Flickr si Jurugambar Penembak Curi

2nd Session: Mari Hidup Kembali Unplugged Session
For the 2nd session the opening act was Hujan...what can I say?...emm...not a fan, however Hujan gave a good performance...One word to describe the 2nd session, SANTAI or laid back/relaxed in English...

For this session the band performed their Malay songs which I can say were made to be performed acoustically...The addition of the strings sextet section showed how good the band's Malay songs are...this session was tighter than the 1st session...

The band was relaxed...their banter with the crowd were pretty lively...loko and even the usually reserved kadak gave a shuffle demonstration...This was a pretty good session...on par with the 1st...however I was a bit disappointed that Pak Kassim Masdor wasn't there to perform Merdeka with the band...When I asked Emmet about this he said that Pak Kassim need a permit to perform here because he is a Singaporean...damn bureaucratic bastards!!! and they wonder why the youth voted against the ruling party...emmm....on that note I just can't wait for tomorrow!!!

-tiada lagi gambar2 dari si Jurugambar Penembak curi sebab sudah kantoi dgn pihak istana budaya... haha

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