Monday, January 19, 2009

Butterfingers: Sesi Istana Budaya/ Istana Budaya Sessions Day 2

Transcendence 10-year Anniversary Rock Out

The BEST BUTTER SHOW EVER!!!!!what can I say, those of you who missed it just missed a significant performance in Malaysian music history!!!Everything was top-notch!!the performance, the sound,the showmanship and even the crew(although there's some minor glithes but to hell with that!!!)...I don't know any adjective in the English language that could describe the sheer brilliance of this session. I think only watching the DVD of this session (All 4 sessions will be released on dvd!!!) will do justice!!! I'll never expected malayneum, epitome, mating season and girl friday and other 10 songs will be this RHAPSODIC!!!

-picture courtesy of Kieng Meng from Anarchy in Me

Mari Hidup Kembali (Sesi Gitar Karan)
Those who don't appreciate Butterfingers' Malay songs really should have come to this show.After this session I started to see Selamat Tinggal Dunia and Kembali in a new light... Hell, I'm even appreciating both albums even more!!!People who prefer to listen to Indo Pop/Rock and have no qualms parting with their hard-earned Ringgit should witness the performance of the best we could offer!!!The musical arrangement,sound and showmanship really is above Dewa dare I say (Bloody hell!!! I'm biased on this one and DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!)

Two-day Round Up

Honest to god I have a REALLY ROCKING TIME!!! Hell!!I'm gonna tell my grandchildren that I was there when Butteringers perform at Istana Budaya!!!Definitely one of the highlights of my existence on God's green earth...Eventhough without the moshing and bodysurfing this is one hell of a show!!!MOGWAI EAT YER HEART OUT!!! For those who missed it and those who didn't (honestly I think evryone who loves music) buy the DVD when it comes out... Hell I even gonna buy the Live album if they ever released one!!! Bloody hell I'm gonna grab the DVD and the Live CD!!!

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