Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Ghost of Ibrahim Libya

On 19th November 1985 14 civilians and 4 policemen died in Memali,Kedah in a tragedy that divided the Malay Muslim community at that time...the Malaysian goverment called this episode "the memali incident"...most called it "the memali tragedy"...I'll forever call it "THE MEMALI MASSACRE"!! The authorities say that they were in danger at that time so they have to open fire...Yeah..opening fire to a bunch of farmers and kampung folks..some even blame Ibrahim Libya saying that if he just let they arrest him under the Internal Security Act, none of this will happen... Well it is his freedom we are talking is his the way the I.S.A is detention without civilized is that??To all you who worship Dr.Mahathir and believe that he's the best P.M we ever had...well just remember 19 November 1985...the widowed and the children of the murdered in Memali that day...To Dr.Mahathir and Musa Hitam I'll hope the ghost of Ibrahim Libya will forever haunt you!!

pictures of the murdered of Memali (WARNING!! Some of you might find these pics a bit gory!!)

-pictures are taken from syakur ibrahim's blog

Currently I'm still doing my research on the Memali are my resources... the Malaysian government white paper and conspiracy theory...we must give the murdered of Memali a voice...LET TRUTH BE KNOWN!!!

Malaysian government white paper

The conspiracy theory behind the Memali Massacre

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ketuanan Rakyat

I think we all agree now that "ketuanan melayu" is a failed concept...therefore we must replace it with a more progressive and beneficial concept...Anwar Ibrahim wants to replace it with "ketuanan rakyat"...he's been pushing for that concept even before the 8th of march political tsunami...the thing is what do we want to be uphold in this new concept...down below in no particular order are the list of things(whatever came through my mind presently) that I want to be uphold in the "ketuanan rakyat" concept...if any of you wants to add other things please do so...
  1. Social Justice
  2. Equality of Rights
  3. Equitable distribution
  4. Welfare State
  5. Freedom of expression

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Era of overeaction

I think Sir Alex Ferguson (manager of Manchester United Football Club) said it best, "we live in an era of overreaction". In my opinion the whole world overreacted when Barack Obama won the 2008 U.S Presidential election...

President-elect Obama has yet be inaugurated and will only enter the Oval Office on 20th January 2008 and yet it seems the whole worlds' hopes,dreams and future is rested on his shoulder... He is like the new "messiah" and the savior of mankind...

The fact remains that now is not the best time to become the President of the United States of America... As we all know currently the yanks are facing one of their worst financial crisis in history... Furthermore Obama is also facing pressing issues such as the "war on terror" , U.S foreign policy , Guantanamo Bay and so on...

I'm not the kind of man who believe in "first impressions"...I think I'll wait for Obama's foreign policy before jumping on the Obama-Mania fad.

Mahathir-style economic remedies

With all the brouhaha surrounding a report (firstly reported by Xinhua, the Chinese government news agency) that the U.S is adopting similar measures as we did during the 1997 financial crisis in dealing with current financial crisis, I was called to post a two-page paper I wrote last year(on this particular subject) for my International Monetary Economics class. I know it's like a month to late but I just found the piece last weekend. I hope after reading this piece, all of you will have a better understanding on the 1997 Asian financial crisis and how Malaysia dealt with it.

Did Capital Controls Save Malaysia?

The economies of the Asian “miracle” countries were damaged and ruined by the financial crisis in 1997-98. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the whole world was in awe of these countries economic performance and growth. Asian economic miracle countries were experiencing high growth rates and 8-12% increase in their GDP, thus the dub “Asian economic miracle countries”. However the East Asian economic miracle turned into a financial debacle in July 1997(the beginning of the Asian financial crisis).

South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia were the worst affected countries. As a result they were forced to impose IMF designed programs and measures to manage the financial crisis. These countries committed to float their exchange rates, raise interest rates, tighten fiscal policy (at least initially), open up their financial markets to foreigners, close troubled banks and financial institutions, and undertake a range of other structural reforms in return for the financial assistance from the IMF.

The same cannot be said about Malaysia. Malaysia took a completely opposite approach in dealing with the financial crisis. The Malaysian authorities imposed sweeping controls on capital-account transactions, fixed the exchange rate at RM3.80 per US$ (a rate that represented a 10 percent appreciation relative to the level at which the ringgit had been trading immediately before the controls), cut interest rates, and embarked on a policy of reflation.

This marked the beginning of the debate whether capital controls or the orthodox Keynesian method (capital liberalisation) is better in addressing financial crises. Apart from that the question lingering in the mind of every economist is “did capital control save Malaysia?” In answering both of these question economists compared the recovery of Malaysia (capital controls) with Thailand and South Korea (IMF measures). The fact that South Korea and Thailand recovered simultaneously imply that capital controls does not play a significant role in Malaysia recovery. In addition the financial crisis worsens in Malaysia in the middle of 1998 whereas it has significantly mellowed down in Thailand and South Korea. However, according to Ethan Kaplan and Dani Rodrik in their paper “Did the Malaysian Capital Controls Work?” suggests the opposite. Their research shows that Malaysian policies produced faster economic recovery, smaller declines in employment and real wages and more rapid turnaround in the stock market compared to the countries who implements the IMF plan.

According to Jomo K.S in his article “Malaysia’s September 1998 Controls: Background, Context, Impacts, Comparisons, Implications, Lessons” capital controls did not cause the recovery in Malaysia to be slower than in the other crisis countries. The 1998 collapse was less deep in Malaysia than in Thailand and Indonesia, while the recovery in Malaysia has been faster after early 1999. However this is because the pre-crisis problems in Malaysia were less serious to begin with owing to strengthened prudential regulations after the late 1980s’ banking crisis (when non-performing loans went up to 30 per cent of total loans). There were strict controls on Malaysian private borrowing from abroad with borrowers generally required to demonstrate likely foreign exchange earnings from the proposed investments to be financed with foreign credit unlike South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.

Chandra Athukorala in his book “Crisis and Recovery in Malaysia” suggests that carefully designed capital control measures were successful in providing Malaysian policy makers with a viable setting for undertaking Keynesian reflationary policies without adverse backwash effects on FDI. Controls also assisted banking and corporate restructuring by facilitating the mobilization of domestic resources.

In conclusion, capital controls did save Malaysia and played a very significant role in her economic recovery. This is because Malaysia can afford to implement capital control measures as Malaysia crisis was not as deep as Thailand and Indonesia. We will never know whether capital controls measures will have the same profound effect on other countries. Jomo K.S suggestion of caution in making gross generalizations and instead urges greater attention to context and detail should be observed this is because as he argued the actual significance of the Malaysian controls is emphasized, before some policy lessons are drawn.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Revolusi '48: Review of the "1st draft"

If history was written by the triumphant, this is an account of the vanquished....

Couple of weeks ago I went to the Emergency Festival to watch the screening of Fahmi Reza's Revolusi '48...Revolusi '48 is a sequel to the highly acclaimed 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka.If 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka focuses on the 1947 "Hartal"(boycott), Revolusi '48 focuses on why young proletariates join the armed struggle against our british colonial masters and focuses on the fact that the Malayan emergency is really a "WAR". Our british colonial masters used the term "emergency" because of the pressure from tin and rubber capitalists since their losses would not have been covered by Lloyds insurers if it had been termed a "war".

Just to say that this documentary is good is an understatement.The picture below shows a British bomber plane dropping 500 pounds bombs on communists targets in the Malayan jungle. In the film there is a footage of this plane doing just that.They don't show or mention anything about that in our "history" textbooks.That's how "good" the movie is!!The best part is this is only the first draft..

Fahmi decided the first draft just to gauge the response of the viewers.. You see communism and CPM(Communist Party of Malaya) is quite a taboo subject in Malaysia...However, at this day and age who cares really??we just want the TRUTH to be told and yes WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH..

The truth is although our ideologies differ, the fact remains that the 1948 revolutionaries fought and shed blood for our independence...during the Japanese occupation they fight alongside the british against the Japanese..the bloody brits even gave them medals for this!!and yes, there is also a footage in this documentary showing just that!!Just because the british capitalists is feeling pressure from the working class (because of the strong presence of the leftists in the labor unions).. They decided to outlaw the CPM ( Communist Party of Malaya) and the MNP (Malay Nationalist Party-a left leaning party) and detained them without trial.. This is all done to safeguard their interests in Malaya..

Malayans who joined the 1948 revolution is the authentic freedom fighter. Yet every year during the Merdeka celebration they don't even get mentioned. For the sake of our nationhood, for once just put ideologies aside and give justice to our leftist freedom fighters.To all of you, history will not be boring if you know right facts and read the right books. However don't just take my word for it, go and watch the film...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hanya Melayu faham aspirasi Melayu

Salam sore,
tadi aku tengok berita rtm 1....terpampanglah muka "hensem" khir toyo...dia pon dok ceritalah pasal hal pkns...pastu dah habis anak wak joyo merepek tiba-tiba pemberita tu keluarkanlah kenyataan dari alumni kelab-kelab umno luar negara... "Hanya MELAYU faham aspirasi MELAYU"... kenyataan ni buat aku fikir sejenak...

  • kalau "Hanya MELAYU faham aspirasi MELAYU", kenapa dah 44 tahun PKNS wujud 75% bisnes nye diberi secara langsung atau tidak langsung kepada bukan bumiputera???...
  • kalau "Hanya MELAYU faham aspirasi MELAYU", kenapa skang ni budak-budak sekolah kena belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris? bukan "space traveller"(angkasawan) kita dr.sheikh muzaffar tu masa dia sekolah belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa melayu ke? nak bahasa melayu sama berkubur dengan tulisan jawi ke?
  • kalau "Hanya MELAYU faham aspirasi MELAYU",kenapa raja petra maseh ditahan I.S.A??? sangat kejam!!!raja petra menyambut raya puasa dan deepavali dalam tahanan...
mereka sume ni MENJAHANAMKAN Melayu...jgnlah komrad sume terpengaruh...walaupun aku ni muslim melayu minang tapi sumpah aku tak paham aspirasi "United Malays" nih... jadi aku buat kesimpulan, "HANYA MELAYU BANGSAT faham aspirasi MENJAHANAMKAN MELAYU"..
sekian,terima kasih...

Ketuanan Melayu

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Hujung minggu lepas terjadinya satu peristiwa yang telah menggongcangkan tiang asas UMNO.. UMNO ialah sebuah parti yang diasaskan untuk menentang penubuhan Malayan Union.. Sebuah parti "elitist" (bangsawan) yang slogan nya ialah "Hidup Melayu"...jadi apabila Zaid Ibrahim, seorang bekas menteri di jabatan perdana menteri dan saya kira maseh seorang ahli umno, berkata "ketuanan melayu adalah satu KONSEP YANG GAGAL".....melatah la "tuan-tuan" UMNO..ini terjadi kerana konsep "ketuanan melayu" ni lah yang menyebabkan UMNO mendominasi tampuk pemerintahan negara selama 50 tahun...selama 50 tahun jugalah mereka merompak dan menjahanamkan negara...

Apa yang zaid ibrahim cakap ni amat kita orang melayu bila ada je isu yg berkaitan dgn "melayu" je mesti melatah..beremosi...kajilah dulu...amati dan fahami...guna akal yang allah kasi tu..."ketuanan melayu" ni konsep yg gagal kerana yg memperoleh faedah dari konsep ni ialah "tuan-tuan" melayu (UMNO)...rakyat marhean hina-dina cam kita ni tak dapat ape-ape faedah pon dari konsep ni...kalau konsep ni berjaya takkanlah dah 44 tahun PKNS beroperasi 75% dari bisnesnya jatuh ke tangan bukan bumiputera(ni satu contoh kecil je)...walaupun aku bukalah penyokong tegar anwar ibrahim tapi aku bersetuju dgn dia dalam isu ini...sepeti kata anwar di ceramah-ceramahnya... "hasil dari ketuanan melayu ini YANG KAYA BERTAMBAH KAYA YANG MISKIN PAPA KEDANA" ....

Tambahan pula sekarang ini musim berkempen pemilihan agung umno...muncullah hero-hero yang meperjuangkan konsep ketuanan melayu ni..hero-hero ni muncul sebab meraka tahu kalau cakap pasal ketuanan melayu, mereka akan diagung-agungkan sebagai pejuang bangsa...tapi hakikatnya "ketuanan melayu" adalah satu retorik politik yang telah merantai rakyat negara ini dari maju kehadapan..

mari kita lihat apa komen balasan para "pejuang bangsa"....mat taib kata "zaid ibrahim tidak memahami konsep ketuanan melayu"....btol tu!!..zaid ibrahim tidak memahami konsep ketuanan melayu sebab dia tak bawak RM2.4 juta ke australia pastu kantoi..nak coverline pastu mengaku tak reti berbahasa inggeris....zaid ibrahim juga tak kawen ngan anak sultan..bila sultan tanya tak mengaku..bacul....

hamid albar pula berkata "zaid ibrahim sepatutnya bersyukur dilahirkan sebagai orang melayu" lagi satu..bukan ke konon-konon nya "syed" tu keturunan nabi muhammad...tapi cakap macam orang takde agama...kita patut bersyukur yang kita ni hidup, bernafas dan bernyawa...tak kesah la kita ni hidup sebagai melayu ke cina ke atau india... warna kulit dan bangsa ni ujian dari allah...malu btol la ada pak menteri camni...

shahidan kassim pula berkata "zaid ibrahim perlu keluar dari rumpun melayu" aku malas nak komen sebab kenyataan ini maha bodoh...kalau aku komen hanya akan merendahkan tahap keintelektuan aku je...

kalau komrad sume perasan para pejuang yang disebut diatas sume masih terumbang-ambing dalam pencalonan...shahidan dah tarik diri siap...dah takde orang nak calonkan dia...saya harap komrad sume sedar dan tidak termakan dengan retorik politik yang maha busuk ini!!