Monday, December 29, 2008

Malaysian Football: Freefalling into oblivion

Another year another suffering...watching our lads lose 3-2 to the Vietnamese hurts...large part of the pain was cause by the nature of our defeat...However watching our lads lifeless performance against the Thais was put it simply we were outplayed,outrun and outwitted by the Thais...

I really thought that after the 2007 Asian Cup debacle F.A.M has learnt their lesson...however this was not the case. Coach Sathia too should opt for a more dynamic approach in attack rather than relying too much on our attacks from the flanks...he should seen this when we lost the Final of the Merdeka Cup in October... What baffles me is the exclusion of kedah Captain Victor Andraag who in my opinion was the best Malaysian Centre-Back these past two years...

After our lost in the Merdeka Cup Final some were calling for Sathia's head which I think was quite unfair...however after F.A.M announced they will extend Sathia's contract the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be farther than expected. i have nothing against coach Sathia, however the two years given to him has not seen encouraging progress... I think that the under-20 suits him however the National Team was too big of a task for Sathia... If he can't steer us to be the best team in ASEAN, I think there is no need to prolong the engagement.

The F.A.M should be more objective and pragmatic... We should target to be the best team in Asean first...Than qualify reqularly for the Asian Cup and the Olympics...After reaching the semis of the Asian Cup than we can dream of qualifying for the world cup which I hope will be done during my life time.

To coach Sathia, A good coach never blames defeat on one player alone...especially in PUBLIC!! To Shebby Singh, you truly have a mouth made from faeces... Why in the hell would you said what you said about Syed Adney's inclusion in the first 11 against the Thais??? To criticise the lad even before the whistle was blown was bloody unfair!!!We know you have "inside information" as you were once part of MyTeam but too lazy to get a coaching license to become a "proper" coach... Can't you give the lad some encouragement??? you do want our lads to win right??? YOU ARE A MALAYSIAN RIGHT??!!As the only international success you had is the SEA GAMES gold back in '89, I suggest you just shut yer gob and SOD OFF!!!

Enough with all the emotions...let's us revisit the beginning of the's all started when F.A.M introduced our first fully professional football league (The M-league) back in '94... (will be continued in the 2nd piece titled Malaysian Football: The F.A.M question)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Maal Hijrah 1430

Wishing everyone Happy Maal Hijrah 1430...May 1430 be better than 1429!!!