Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Ghost of Ibrahim Libya

On 19th November 1985 14 civilians and 4 policemen died in Memali,Kedah in a tragedy that divided the Malay Muslim community at that time...the Malaysian goverment called this episode "the memali incident"...most called it "the memali tragedy"...I'll forever call it "THE MEMALI MASSACRE"!! The authorities say that they were in danger at that time so they have to open fire...Yeah..opening fire to a bunch of farmers and kampung folks..some even blame Ibrahim Libya saying that if he just let they arrest him under the Internal Security Act, none of this will happen... Well it is his freedom we are talking is his the way the I.S.A is detention without civilized is that??To all you who worship Dr.Mahathir and believe that he's the best P.M we ever had...well just remember 19 November 1985...the widowed and the children of the murdered in Memali that day...To Dr.Mahathir and Musa Hitam I'll hope the ghost of Ibrahim Libya will forever haunt you!!

pictures of the murdered of Memali (WARNING!! Some of you might find these pics a bit gory!!)

-pictures are taken from syakur ibrahim's blog

Currently I'm still doing my research on the Memali are my resources... the Malaysian government white paper and conspiracy theory...we must give the murdered of Memali a voice...LET TRUTH BE KNOWN!!!

Malaysian government white paper

The conspiracy theory behind the Memali Massacre

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