Friday, October 24, 2008

farewell and godspeed

I was shocked to hear that Faisal Tehrani has retired from blogging...Faisal is one of my major influences in writing...I've read most of his historical fiction books..the latest one "Saasatul Ibaad" was the best of the lot!!
In his last entry Faisal ask forgiveness to anyone that he has wronged or "hurt" by his writing or see Faisal is goingto perform hajj and I didn't suspect anything because it is quite common for pilgrims to seek forgiveness before starting their journey to the Haramain...
However I was shocked when one of my mates who knows Faisal quite well tell me that apart from going to hajj Faisal was retiring from the blogsphere...and he already deleted his blog
I really enjoyed Faisal's writing be it in his blogs or his books...furthermore I am greatly influenced by his view that "writers must be responsible and educate their readers".. and that "writing is one form of Da'wah"...well Faisal...I can only say godspeed and Fi Amanillah...moga-moga haji abang Faisal ialah haji yang mabrur..amiin


taji said...

well done bro! nice writing a good start!
1. Nasi kandar Kudu was and still the best nasi kandar in KL.I KL
2. Al Fatihah for Samsiah Fakeh
3. Trust no politicians.TO ALL LABOUR IN THE WORLD,UNITE!

GombakRock said...

ni leftist mane sesat lak ni?? thanx bro fer the comment...nanti kita layan nasi kandar satu kat kudu ye!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog...nak suruh comment writing aku rase susah la coz to me its very good but there's always room for improvement...kene sllau write je la...never trust politicians?? hehehe bestnye jumpe hishamuddin rais...aku baru hari tu tgk interview dier pasal ISA yg ko kasi link yg ade cikgu laila..kesian dier kan...aku lupe plak ade cikgu kite kene cmtu..-haziq-