Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lepaq performing arts Cafe, Hartamas

Last friday night I went To a place call lepaq cafe at Hartamas..I went there to see an acoustic performance of a "shoegaze" band called "WITHERSPOON"..At first i was a bit reluctant because a shoegaze band performing an acoustic set...mmm..interesting....furthermore it's in Hartamas of all places...the second most pretentious place in KL (to all pretentious Hartamasian, YES OFFENCE)... However after finding out that there is no cover charge (you see we malaysian love free entrance to anything...we prefer not to pay for concerts,theatre,sporting events etc....) I rushed down there with a mate of mine who happens to know the frontman of Witherspoon..

We arrive there at 8.40...what I notice is that the hotness per capita ratio is quite high here...I personally think it is the one of the highest in the country...the performance is going to start at 9pm...the band arrived around 9.20.. typical malaysians!!they started their performance around 10...the set is semi-acoustic not a full acoustic set as i thought earlier...for a first time semi-acoustic performance Witherspoon has exceed my expactations...

the acoustics of the cafe is quite has a very cosy ambience...the food and drinks was ok and the prices is similar to your neighbourhood cafe/kopitiam...for a place to hangout and relax, lepaq performing arts cafe have my sealed approval...I will definitely frequent the place mainly because of the music and the high hotness per capita ratio..

For further information on Witherspoon..

*Witherspoon will be performing an "acoustic special" on the 27th November at lepaq performing arts cafe..I'll definite be there!

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dukeskywalker said...

i want to stress on the "hotness per capita ratio.." not so about the performance rite?? kah kah kah..