Monday, February 9, 2009

Perak Constituitonal Crisis: You reap what you sow!

Just when we thought that the politicking will stop and Malaysian politics will be calm before the storm in March(UMNO Party Election), The DPM,Najib Tun Razak orchestrated a successful coup for the Perak State Governmnet. Anwar Ibrahim must be kicking himself...After all he is the one who initiate political crossovers and defections...In his defence Anwar said that crossovers were the only way to leave a corrupt party as if the elected representative resign his/her seat that person cannot be on the ballot for 5 years.

the thing is i think that everyone has been deviated away from the main issue of the political situation in perak by the pro-umno media.the main issue is the constitution and the process of transition of power.

we all know that umno often treat the constitution like a toilet paper. furthermore the 3rd rukun negara is keluhuran perlembagaan. The issues are not "party-hopping" or derhaka

The main issues:
  1. SPR cannot overule a speaker's decision to announce a "seat" is empty based on a validity of a resignation letter.
  2. SPR does not have jurisdiction on deciding the validity of a resignation letter.
  3. Only the court of law have that kind of jurisdiction.
  4. It is the Sultan prerogative to allow BN to form a new state government.
  5. It's also tuanku's right to say no to a snap election.
  6. However,can the Sultan asks an MB to resign?
  7. Why can't Tuanku wait for the state asemmbly to sit a move a vote of no-confidence before swearing-in a new MB & Exco?

Now the floodgates have opened and all the pro/ultra or stupid-malays group are organizing street demonstrations (although umno and the so-called pro/ultra or stupid-malays groups always view that street-demos are not our culture, they are doing it!!) against Perak Ex-MB Nizar Jamaluddin and showing support to HRH the Sultan of Perak... (emm, not to long ago UMNO members were demonstrating against the Raja of Perlis and the Agong for their choices of MB for Perlis and Terengganu respectively. they even called our beloved Agong "Natang" which is a very offensive word on the Terengganu lingo)

To the peolple who are against this unconstitutional coup, rather than organizing street demos I suggest another act of civil disobedience which is the Hartal...I think the Hartal conveyed a strong massage of protest and objection. The thing is the pro-umno media will spin the street-demos to show that the supporters of PR and YB Nizar as violent,uncivilized and above the law.

After all of this I think YB Nizar has come out smelling like a bed of roses. From the way he conduct himself in the media and still smiling under this circumstances. He has become the new "media darling".

BN has a lot to answer. Furthermore there will be two "referendum" after the death of Bukit Gantang MP and the resignation of Kedah V.Arumugam the Bukit Selembau ADUN. This two snap-elections will be held smack in the busiest time of the UMNO calendar which is their Party Polls in March...There have also been talks that Nizar's name came up as a candidate for the Bukit Gantang Parlimentary seat. To the people of Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selembau show your support and anger on the ballot!!!..."They" think they can take democracy from us...well God gave the chance for us to show "Kuasa Rakyat"!!!


Anonymous said...

ckp pandai arrr... sama gaks.. esok kalau dah kalah mesti kuar cerita pilihanraya paling busuklah SPR itulah inilah.... tak demokrasi lah.... skang ni persepsi sebegitu di permainkan..lelama orang percaya..mainan orang yang nak menjatuhkan kedaulatan seseuatu bangsa agama dan negara... atas nama keadilan dan kesaksamaan.. demokrasi konon... puittt.. hangpa bab menuduh orang pandai...

GombakRock said...

saya langsung tak paham dgn hujah saudara...ada hujah ke??lain kali berilah hujah yg rasional bersama fakta dan bukti...tak payah nak beremosi...lagi satu kenapa berlu berselindung disebalik "anonymous"

saifoel said...

saudara gombak,

penyokong UMNO mmg begitu. cakap penuh emosi. tapi takut.

hanya yg berani sahaja yang berumah di tepi pantai..

Kieng Meng said...

mereka semua tahi..aku dibelakangmu wahai bro gombak!!!

MissZahrah said...

org politik mmg begitu....suka beremosi....dua2 ke ba ke...samaje....sini kata sana...sana kata sini....urmmm...ntah...

MissZahrah said...

urm...komenku....sebagai rakyat malaysia,kita ada hak untuk bersuara....tnpa mereka2 ini, org xsedar akan kesalahlakuan,daku sokong banget.....!reform.....!