Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Angry Voice of the Malaysian Working Class Youth

Rock n Roll exists for the sole purpose of STICKIN' IT TO THE MAN!!!... Dum Dum Tak or D.D.T did just that in their maiden release titled Hentikan Penindasan... This 2009 release contains 13 songs (a bit rare at this day and age) which is written and performed for the sole purpose guessed it...STICKIN' IT TO THE MAN!!!

To describe D.D.T's just have to look at the band's name...their music can be described as dum...dum..tak...(I hope this makes sense as I'm no connoisseur of hardcore-punk... hahaha).

True to the original form of Punk-Rock which is to express the working class youths' angst against the establishment, D.D.T showed the "finger" to the establishment, the government, them ministers, The U.S government, punk rock's posers, the rich...hell...even hypocritical "human rights activists" are given a bollocking!!! Hentikan Penindasan also call and urge the youth,the working class and the masses to stand up for the oppressed and punish them oppressors and other tyrants at large.

The lads didn't mince their words...they wear their heart on their sleaves!!!D.D.T's songs are straight-forward and will slap you in the face transmitting and spreading D.D.Ts paradigm and aspirations... Furthermore it doesn't hurt D.D.T to be listed on Hishamuddin Rais a.k.a Tukar Tiub list of Le Cool for 2008...

What I love about Hentikan Penindasan is that it's not your typical half-hearted D.I.Y release...It's a well thought and well executed. It's a full-blown in-yer-face energetic effort dripping with pure punk attitude!! Hell...even the cover's artwork and design is quite something!

I'm no punk-rocker or follower of any punk-isms...however I love great music and sounds...and for RM10(by hand) you can experience that with Hentikan Penindasan, provided that you can handle it!!

go here to get more info on D.D.T and where to get Hentikan Penindasan.


Kronik Kronisme said...

thanks bosss for the review!!!!

-nizang ddt-

GombakRock said...

the pleasure is all mine...Rock on!!

Kieng Meng said...

aku sudah beli!!!

Saif Al-Hafsham said...

aku pun sudah beli.dan sudah pun jual kepada hadi.haha

GombakRock said...

ya aku bersyukur kau jual kat aku... akan ku simpan cd ni dan tunjuk kat anak cucu aku ..."dulu atok rock!"...

p.s:tuan saif...sila pulangkan c.d ramli sarip aku...kalau kau taknak pulang nanti aku nangis!