Sunday, February 22, 2009

KOMPLOT: The Future of Malaysian Music

Indie-bands is often described as bands which are free (independent) from major commercial record labels...Our local music scene are currently experiencing an "indie" explosion which started roughly around 2007. Currently there are so many indie-bands, however the sad thing is most of them are not "indie" by choice but following the current trend and have to be "indie" out of necessity to survive as our recording industry are in really bad shape.

One of the bands trying to make a mark in our music scene is Komplot. Komplot has been around from 2007...This is no ordinary band...Komplot has one of the most loyal and, if you may,"cult" following in the indie scene. For me Komplot is one band that truly embrace the spirit of indie-music and that is play original music, be precociusly creative and most importantly play music that transcends genre!!!...

In December 2008 KOMPLOT released an e.p titled DISKO TANPA RISIKO which announced the arrival of the future of Malaysian music. This e.p contains 4 songs all written in Malay. It's really difficult to describe their sound...What can I say is that they sound refreshingly original!!! Disko Tanpa Risiko is well-produced,greatly-mixed and have a kick-arsed sound quality!!! The best part is it's only RM15!!!

One may ask why am I making such a fuss over these lads? Well, I can truly say that I never heard a Malaysian band like this!! That's the god's honest truth!!! Their sound is a wonderful mix of rock & roll, psychedelic funk, 70s groove, disco punk, metal and some jazz elements. This quintet also have a saxophonist in their line-up...The sounds of the sax instill a haunting yet soothing sensation to the controlled frenzy of the eclectically-sounding guitars, funky bass-lines and raw drum-beats...

From the candid conversation I have with the bassist, I know that Komplot strive to play fresh sounds and original music. With the released of Disko Tanpa Risiko the lads already achieved that!!

Komplot's official site

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