Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7th of April Referendum: The TRUTH, The FACTS and The REALITY

The Truth:
  1. The 7th of April by-elections is a referendum of sorts to the appointment of Najib Tun Razak as Malaysia 6th Prime Minister.
  2. More importantly it shows that the majority of the voters from the Bukit Gantang oppose the coup d'etat orchestrated none other than Najib Tun Razak himself resulting in BN taking over the Perak sate government.
  3. The majority of voters from Bukit Gantang is with Nizar Jamaluddin.
  4. "Gelombang Rakyat" is still riding high in Bukit Selambau and Kedah.
  5. PKR failed to woo the the people of Batang Ai.
  6. The majority of voters from Batang Ai is still comfortable with BN.
The Facts:
  1. One of the reasons attributed to BN's loss is some issues that were left unanswered particularly the murder of a particular Mongolian women.
  2. Another reason for BN's loss in the 2 "bukits" is the canditate BN's choose to be on the ballot.
  3. The influence of the "new" or "alternative" media is highlighted by BN's win plus increasing majority in Batang Ai where voters rely heavily on the information from the contemporary and establiment-controlled media.
  4. As a result of PAS taking the defensive approach on the issues of the constitional crisis in Perak and "Nizar is a DAP stooge"...the Malay vote for PAS shows a decrease.

The Reality:
  1. Although Malaysia experienced a political tsunami on 8th of march 2008, BN won the 2008 general election and form the federal government.
  2. However as a result of the tsunami Pak Lah and Ong Tee Keat were forced to stepped down...Although Samy Vellu also lost his seat in Sungai Siput and were bashed by the MIC grassroots and the Indian community, Samy soldiered on...Well let's just say that Samy is being Samy...
  3. Eventhough Pak Lah seemed to be incompetent, the major cause of the political tsunami was the alleged invovlement of Najib Tun Razak with the murder of a particular Mongolian women and the alleged inteference and influence of Khairy Jamaluddin have on Pak Lah's administration.
  4. Pak Lah was elected by the Malaysian people to continue as the Prime Minister.
  5. Najib Tun Razak WAS NOT elected by the Malaysian People to be the Prime Minister!!!
  6. Hell he was not even elected by the UMNO members to be their President in last month Umno Elections as he "gingerly" take up the Umno Presidency vacated by Pak Lah and "won" the seat uncontested!!!
  7. In light of the results from the by-elections, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang called for Najib to convened an emergency meeting of the Parliament to pass a vote of confidence on his Prime Ministership.
  8. A motion of a vote of confidence was tabled and passed within a week of Pak Lah tenure as Prime Minister in 2003.
  9. Within two weeks after Tun Hussein Onn took over as Prime Minister as a result of Tun Razak's death in January 1976, Tun Hussein convened an emergency meeting of the Parliament to pass the motion of a vote of confidence in him.
  10. The tabling of the motion of a vote of confidence in the Parliament is now all the more important and necessary to be done.

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